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Best-Selling Author| Master Life Coach| Entrepreneur| Visionary Strategist| Designer

Our Ceo

Tamara M. Harris, CMLC

Tamara is the CEO of Journal Maker City By empowering clients find hope, faith and recovery through effective writing techniques, hosting sold out journal workshops, over 200 students academy students and Coaching over 700 women in her programs. Tamara has founded her business by using biblical strategy, life coaching and the science of journaling. She is certified in master life coach, achology counselor, leadership and business strategy. Tamara has been committed to helping empower others through identity, purpose, mental healing and salvation in Christ.

Tamara's transparency of attempting suicide, overcoming depression, molestation, and alcohol abuse has empowered others by faith as she models "walking by faith". She has served as a mental health tech and counselor to those who battle depression and suicide. 

Journal Maker City headquarters resides in Libertyville, IL and retail products are located in the Painted Tree in Kildeer, IL

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